Thursday, 3 September 2009

Summer Break 09

Summer in my eyes ended when the post lady (yup lady, she's ace) delivered me an unplanned overdraft notice from the bank, dated 1st September 2009. Is that a good sign for September? Meh.

This Summer was ace, I hate being away from training and the usual routine, but life delivered many kick ass distractions this summer.

Coming home I always get the feeling that people don't know me anymore... Which is FINE with me. It's weird, its like being a spy, which is kinda fun. Kinda alot fun :).

This summer held ALOT of fun. So my minds telling me the best way to give you an insight is a list? (I'd say brainstorm but that's majorly illegal).

White Post Children's Farm for Robyn's 19th Birthday.
Rufford park to feed the ducks, and trow bread at ugly children.
Nottingham Beach... What an amazing idea. Chilling in some nice sun on a fake beach with real (not plastic) bestfriends.
Aston and Leanne's Wedding. What a nice day, it only opens the question, marriage?! Will I ever get married? And if I do, will it be some sort of dare?!

Summer School... Which will have its own post. Met some really ace people :) Many joke made, can't wait to write about it.

Ect ect. Here's the photographic evidence.

Epic Failures Life.

OK, well this is my first post. My life is positive, happy and fulfilling, don't get me wrong, I love it. It is however full of failures (which I love) and most somehow turn out positively.

These little failures are frequent and random, they appear dotted around my life, so expect to see them included in my posts. Here's an example,

Birth... No actually. I was born with a heart murmer, which is not really bad, it just means my heart went mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuurrrr, instead of bah-dum bah-dum. So yeah, the first evidence that god is going to have a little fun with me. But s'aaalll good it didnt last long. I've always been a persistant little shit ;)

This I have a feeling set the tone for my life, and I like it. A little bit of struggle seems to equal a to little bit of fun.